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GTTSystems B.V. is a manufacturer of wireless communication systems that include tracking and tracing with true global coverage. With products of GTTSystems you can be in contact with persons, vehicles or any object no matter where. From the north to the south pole, ocean or desert, even in the most remote areas. All over the globe.

Information, like sensor data or short text messages, can easily be sent along with the position. GTTSystems has a development department for designing and producing customer specific applications to fulfil your needs. Products of GTTSystems are unique because the communication is based on Iridium satellite communication rather than GSM alone.

GTTSystems B.V.

Zweedsestraat 8A26
7418 BG Deventer

T: +31 570 60 60 88

An Iridium Value Added Reseller (VAR)

Besides Global tracking and tracing products, GTTSystems can also provide the (Iridium) airtime, making GTTSystems a ‘One stop shop’.



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