In April 2020 the company Co-Flo Enterprise B.V. was established in World Trade Center Twente by Matteo Pagani, a South African Entrepreneur. Ten months have gone by since the soft landing. Time to look back with the CEO Matteo, and get his thoughts on the process. Six questions to a flowing start-up.


Soft landing and WTC Twente Services

How have you experienced the soft landing since your start in April 2020 ?

“We had no issues in starting-up”

It was an extremely efficient and easy process for us to get started. The whole soft landing program made the process we had to follow to get up-and-running a lot more efficient than we thought it would be. And a lot faster, even during Covid. We had no issues in starting-up. 

Once established you have been experiencing extra services by World Trade Center Twente, that is the services of our Expat Center and Starters International Business. How is your experience with those services?

“WTC Twente’s Expat Center has been very helpful and will make it easier for us to get the right people”

It was nice to have a more personal approach to the application of moving and understanding the location and understanding what is happening around the general area. Next to that the Expat Center has a great relationship with the IND. So, it makes the process more fluid than it would probably normally be. For us it is about getting the business operations up and ensuring the employee component of it. I mean hiring highly skilled persons, coming from an European jurisdiction or South-African, to make that possible as well. Since we are a multinational company, besides highly skilled, we need people that are able to speak in multiple different languages. The right people could be based anywhere. How to find them? The Expat Center has been very helpful in that process and will make it easier for us to get the right people.  

“The information you gain through SIB is very useful to grow into markets”

Regarding the Starters International Business, WTC Twente director Freerk Faber made the recommendation around that. SIB is a very useful process, because from The Netherlands we aim to grow our businesses in Germany, UK and France. SIB allows you to break down some of the barriers to get information that you may need around your specific business in foreign jurisdictions. And so the information you gain through the Starters International Business process is very useful to grow into those markets. 

World Trade Center Twente

What is your opinion about World Trade Center Twente’s network of contacts and knowledge? 

“The knowledge the WTC and the speed of setting up, really added value. As well as the network, the WTC makes the connections.”

Their network has been very useful. World Trade Center Twente can put us in touch with someone to get us the specific information which saves us a lot of research time. 

What is to you the added value of World Trade Center Twente?

I think the added value is this: Often you get intimidated by the requirements to set up your company. Not necessary: Firstly, our soft landing in April went without much stress and without much time. Because the knowledge is already in the World  Trade Center. The speed by which we could set up, really added value. Secondly, the value for business is the network; WTC team members make the connections. That is a very useful starting point and that goes through the entire business process.

For example we were put in touch with Damsté law firm and we have been extremely happy with the legal work they have done for us.  The critical foundation of getting the business going is the assurance that you have the legal agreements that you can send to you clients.  Another value is knowing where to start. Very often business don’t know where to start. You can come check to World Trade Center Twente and they will tell you: this is where you start, this is the next step, very clear. On top of that, I really like the fact that World Trade Center Twente is right next to the railway station. It is very easy to get to the office. The situation is very good.  


What is your international ambition?

We work for both corporate legal teams and large law firms. Our ambition is to gain a market share in legal request management, document assembly, matter and contract management solutions, in the broader European region. And that needs to be done in a relatively fast period of time, in the next year and a half to two years. By then we should be expecting quite a number of developers joining the team, whilst rolling out our business plan.

What type of companies and other organizations would you like to get in touch with and when interested how can they contact you?

That is very easy: through our website When you would like to call or e-mail us: our contact details are also on the website and we will be in touch with you very quickly. Specifically the larger legal teams and any large law firm might be interested to work with us. Typically we look at between 50 and 3000 lawyers and this is the size of business we have been working with for quite some time. The main gain will be process automation in context of legal matters and contracts. Right now it takes a number of resources, a lot of time to draft the contracts manually. The contract’s team will manually capture the data out of the contract. However, Co-Flo takes the contract, drafts it automatically, based on questions that are asked. Which means the deals close faster because the contracting process speeds up substantially. On average we are saving the company between 12 and 20 minutes per review cycle. 


Matteo Pagani Co-Flo Enterprises

Co-Flo Enterprise B.V.
Mr. Matteo Pagani – CEO
World Trade Center Twente
Industrieplein 2
7553 LL Hengelo 


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